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    Step Out, Get Moving And Welcome Good Health

    The long-term effects of neglecting your body and its needs are often adverse.

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A fit person need not always look like a movie star with ripped muscles or the perfect figure.

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The long-term effects of neglecting your body and its needs are often adverse.

Step Out, Get Moving And Welcome Good Health

Who does not like to stay fit and healthy? Obviously, it is easier said than done. In today’s fast lives with stressful jobs and responsibilities, health and fitness often take a backseat. Though most of us are aware of the common ways to stay fit and healthy, very few of us actually practice it. The long-term effects of neglecting your body and its needs are often adverse. Sometimes, only a catastrophe opens our eyes and it is only then, that we start paying attention to our body its fitness and health.

So, who do we consider fit?

While discussing overall fitness, we generally term it as a state in which a person is healthy, in a frame of well-being and free of any diseases. A fit person need not always look like a movie star with ripped muscles or the perfect figure. You can all just take a simple test to check if you may be considered fit or otherwise. Considering you do not suffer any major known illness and if you are able to engage in any moderate sports activity and do your daily chores with relative ease, you may be considered a fit person. If taking a flight of stairs leaves you panting for breath, you know it is time to put on your workout shoes.

Diverse lifestyles have varying contributions to the required physical activity essential for a person to stay fit. However, it is often recommended that a minimum of 45 minutes of moderate to medium physical activity 4-5 times in a week is sufficient to maintain good health. This of course may vary depending upon a person’s age, lifestyle, dietary habits and any other existing conditions. It is a known fact that sports activities and physical fitness go hand in hand.

Can sporty activities contribute to good health?

Definitely! When we speak about sports, especially outdoor sports, it is often some form of physical activity probably in an organized manner as a team or an individual. Most outdoor sports, involve moderate to high level of physical exertion and gives the body the required exercise it needs. Whether it is athletics, cricket, hockey, football, boxing, rugby or basketball or any other physical sport. A regular game of the sport of your choice not just gives you the pleasure of playing but also helps you stay fit. Another aspect that plays a vital role is the dietary habit of a person.

How important is the role of diet and nutrition in a person’s life?

Health and nutrition play a vital role in the overall well-being of a person. Maintaining a healthy diet is often an uphill task. Especially when junk foods and other unhealthy foods are easily available a definitely more appetizing! And this contributes to obesity which is a growing health concern in today’s life. Not just obesity but an unhealthy diet brings along with it many other health concerns, like heart illnesses, diabetes etc.

Fad diets are not the best way to deal with poor health!

Many often resort to following fad diets to shed the weight gained by a poor physical activity and an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. Diets like GM diet, Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet or the Mediterranean diet that promise immediate results often drain the body of some vital nutrients and deprive the body of what it needs the most which you can learn from to help your deadlift. And this does more harm than good. No doubt the effects of these diets may be visible and desirable but research proves that a high percentage of people who follow fad diets in due course of time tend to gain all their shed weight all over again. Some are known to gain some more as well.

Wondering what is the way out?

Even though most of us are aware but we seldom execute this simple ritual. Simply put, ‘there is no shortcut to good health’. Overall fitness and good health does not come overnight. It is a procedure where we move forward one step at a time. The first step forward is to take your body and its needs seriously. Modest physical activity, which could include anything from taking long walks, a run, working out at the gym or indulge in any sport activity you enjoy the most. This along with watching what you eat never fails to work.

A person need not curb their daily diet completely on their path to good health. But gradually eliminating the unhealthy choices and replacing them with healthier options is advisable. The results may not be visible within a short span but will surely help you work your way towards good health.