My Hobbies

It is said, ‘In our leisure time, we reveal the kind of person we are’. Hobbies are inculcated in us, consciously or unintentionally, but are habits that help spend free time in a pleasing manner. Though often pressed for time, there is only this one hobby that leaves me exhausted yet pleased. The moment I know I have some time at hand, the first thing I look for is my head gear and step out to get my bicycle next. And I leave to do what I like best! Cycling across long distances.

It all started since childhood, while running errands for mother. I’d often take the longer route home, or sometimes run errands for family and friends too. I soon realized that I like cycling more than just to the store and back. And this soon became an activity I loved the most. I soon advanced to participating in cycling marathons that left my calves painful but my heart full of joy. Cycling to support a noble cause is another activity that I am especially proud of.

Cycling through buzzing streets or deserted ones with my favorite playlist working on loop, I am the happiest. Not to mention it is definitely an environmentally friendly way to move around at least for simple outdoor chores. The physical exertion may leave me sweaty and tired but it never fails to leave me content. Cycling with good company is also something I enjoy a lot. But the peace and tranquil of going solo is also beyond measure. It is a perfect blend of workout and pleasure. An added advantage is that a cycling is good enough exercise for me, sparing me trips to the gym. Cycling has a therapeutic effect on me, especially while whizzing past empty roads with a cool breeze on my face.

I hope to continue cycling till as long as I can. And to encourage more and more youngsters to give their cars and motorcycles a miss and take up cycling as a better option.