Adventure awaits... in space! Space up your kids' bedroom or playroom decor with out of this world posters and lights designed to inspire imagination and adventure.

Framed Prints & Posters

Refresh those walls with creative inspiration, in space! Encourage imaginative learning with your little ones' first introductions to the planets and our galaxy.

Sweet Dreams!

Get cozy on your space journey. These pillows, swaddles, blankets, and soothers will surely do the trick!

Dream in Style

Let your little one soar through their dreams in their comfy, space inspired PJs!

Tummy Time in Space

Encourage some out of this world imagination and exploration in your little one while keeping them safe and comfy on their journey.

Light Up Your Galaxy!

Meet our editor's picks from Little Lights. These handcrafted, handpainted wooden lights really take space exploration to the next level.