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Through My Lens Book - Sprout Edition

Through My Lens Book - Sprout Edition

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Now, photography-curious children everywhere can feed their inquisitive nature and expand their knowledge through the one-of-a-kind activity book called, Through My Lens.

This book works in tandem with any of the Kidamento cameras and will challenge any budding photographer. Not only will it teach them to develop their creative side, but it will also help to teach them about commitment and dedication, and upon completion, they will earn the rewards of their hard work. 

The book's activities focus on developing a blend of six skills, from cognitive and creative, emotional and physical, to their social and communicative abilities. 

Each activity is hidden under a flap. Each flap has suggestive icons that hint at what each task is, from what skills it promotes to how long the activity will take to any supplies they will need. Each activity will bring them one step closer to earning their hard copy of a Certificate of Graduation. It is only through their perseverance and dedication that they will join an elite group of other children who have earned this certificate. 

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The Details

Product Details

Number of Challenges: 43 (including 1 graduation project)

Number of Pages: 30

Dimensions: 7.9" x 8.7" x 0.6"

Recommended Age: 4Y+

Number of Challenges: 43 (including 1 graduation project)

Number of Pages: 30

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