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The Inca Trail Add-On

The Inca Trail Add-On

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Our set allows children to build while engaging and enhancing their fine motor skills, creativity, logic, and imagination.

Enjoy the creation of masterpiece after masterpiece of tactile play. Build up or out, in clusters or apart, these cubes are durable yet lightweight. The magnets connect on all sides and are made from high quality non-toxic ABS plastic.

The stylus pulls the magnets across the board allowing for open-ended STEM play experience. It is both relaxing and fun in its simplicity. The stylus clicks into place and the designs are easily erased by flipping the pad upside down.

Children can create their own unique patterns, or follow the included prompt guide for inspiration.

This bundle includes the following:

  • Spontaneous Creations Magnetic Pad
  • Cubist Innovation™ Magnetic Cubes

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The Details

Product Details

Magnetic Board: 12.6'' W x 10.4'' H x 0.7'' D

Made from high quality non-toxic ABS plastic

Recommended Age: 3Y+

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